Let's start at the very beginning - that, as The Sound of Music told us, is a very good place to start.

Massa: 38 young years, engineer and working in Marketing. Nerdier than I think, less cool than I want to believe. Oh, but for sure sapiosexual. My gift: to be able to guess the height of any punter without asking. Completely useless gift, but very, very satisfying. I also use too many commas. Write to me on massa @

Jorge Sapio: the incognito star journo will enter his WHOIS soon (I have lost hope he does it in the next weeks, but who knows). Write to jorge @

Sergio Sapio: Possesses two key talents - number-crunching, which opened the door to a good position in a well-known company, and sarcasm, which allows him to carry on with his boring daily routine in said well-known company. Write to sergio @

I leave you with this Blues Brothers drawing, which if nothing else, is very, very cool. See you!

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