Return of the Jedi. Not really.

Hi there,

After - almost - two years of self-imposed hiatus, I decided to come back and post. But I also decided that if I do it, I need new rules. First one? No more posting discipline - I'll post when I like. And what I like. My new place in the world? Dubai, with a great job which doesn't allow me much posting leeway. But I'll still try.

What I am liking right now is this fantastic song by Gustavo Cerati, an Argentinian songwriter who formed part of Soda Stereo, one of the biggest Latin American bands ever. And I say formed because he died this year after a two-year coma due to an aneurysm. And to think a**holes like (insert preferred a-hole here) still roam the Earth!

Anyway, enjoy this song, I like to sing it at the top of my lungs.

To all my new followers after 2 years of hiatus - welcome! :-)

To my old followers - welcome back!