Song of the weekend: what goes around comes around

One of the favourite phrases of my late father was "what goes around comes around". I adopted it as a motto in my life, so when a song comes about using the phrase I naturally tend to like it. Below two prime examples, of two bands who could not be more different, but both of them managed to create a great piece of music. Funnily enough, both of the songs have very different pieces in them, almost like being "opuses" rather than just songs.

First up, Living Colour, the legendary american band (now reunited and still touring!) with this fantastic song, Type. Listen to the virtuosism of the band, it is clearly not something seen often now:

And then, from the oooother side of the spectrum, Justin Timberlake, with his best song, by far. I love the harmonies (as I would):

Did you like them?

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