Farewell... for now

So, I have been offered a fantastic new position in a new country, which means I will leave Hong Kong after 4 years, 7 months and 16 days (or 1689 days, I'll have you know thanks to this gadget). I am extremely happy. The new role is in a (for now) undisclosed location, but let me just say it's a bigger role, and it's not in China or Southeast Asia.

The role starts on September 1st (tomorrow), so I will not post for a while, at least until things have settled down in the new role. Together with my co-bloggers Sergio and Jorge Sapio, we have written almost 1000 posts (950 to be precise), and have received almost 100k visits. To all of you, dedicated and casual readers, I say... thank you!

I need to go...

... but I will be back.

(I think).

Will you miss SapioBlog?


Massa said...

Sergio, many thanks for your kind words! I was especially touched by your comment about you being lifelong reader of the blog. I am sorry that by mistake I deleted it - do you want to re-write it? Thanks!

Maria D said...

Qué suspenso!

Unknown said...

Yo si lo extrañaré.