The song of the weekend: some research for you

Once I was going on a business trip, and had some time at the airport. So I packed my Philips GoGear full of songs by The Corrs. All of their discography, actually. I was determined to know which songs were the best ones from the Corrs that were relatively "unknown" by the public. The "hidden gems", if you will. I found three. None of them have official videos (they are "hidden", after all), so I've put the three videos below (two of them after the break), for you to sing.

The first one, and the only "allegro" one, is Confidence for Quiet:

The next one is a beautiful Irish tune, "My Lagan Love":

And the last one is a beautiful Irish one, without many accompaniments (video with translations in English and Spanish, starts at 0:45).

Let me know which one you liked more!

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