Story of the week: Twitter-sized stories

In the middle of the ultra-short and the long-short stories, we have this new genre, called "Twitter-sized". This is not exclusive to short stories, of course - but as that's the topic for the day, let's meet our new friend, Sean Hill, who has a Twitter handle and a website. He writes 140-character stories... and they are, in general, good! Some of them, below the break.

Did you like them?

You asked for flowers and I brought flowers. You asked for dancing and I danced. I asked for your love and you gave back the flowers.

Noticed her legs first. Strong and lean. Long scar on the back of one. I took my time approaching. Kissed her on the nose. Great mare.

4am. You are asleep again. I am awake. I am making a tape of you snoring. I will use this in court when I plead insanity.

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