Science Saturdays: the original Cosmos

Before there was a rumour of Neil deGrasse Tyson re-doing Cosmos, before he even appeared on stage for the first time, there was the original science communicator. I loved watching him, still remember the voice of the Spanish translator to this day.

Did you watch it back then? Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Cosmos was for me th original un-put-downable, the first book I read without stopping other than to eat. In retrospective, Sagan played a central role in my choice of a career, engineering, and in awakening my passion for science. This is something I realise only today, now, as I revisit this amazing series which so well follows the book. A virtual toast to Mr Carl Sagan and my appreciation to Massa for posting this.

Massa said...

Many thanks for the story, Sergio! I join in the toast to Carl.