Low blow: top 5 wishes of the dying

Ok, ok, I admit it - it is a low blow to put the 5 top wishes of the dying. But they are true - they were compiled by an English nurse who handles dying cases. They are quite interesting. You can find them in this article (hint: I wish I had worked more is NOT one of them).

I wonder if different cultures have different ones - I am sure Latinos would have much less problems with numbers 3 and 4. What do you think?


Wilson said...

I decided long ago (ok, not THAT long ago, I'm 31) that I would never live for my work. I'm not about to discover the cure for cancer, so why spend so much time doing something you don't care much about anyway?
Your job certainly does not define you; it's only something you do to pay the bills that -hopefully- doesn't give you the urge to remove your eyeballs from their sockets with a spoon.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, agree 100%. Men (for some cultural reason) tend to identify more with work than women. I envy them for that. :)