(STICKY) Pregunta a los lectores / Question to readers

(English below)

Estoy pensando seriamente en cambiar el lenguaje del blog a inglés. A fin de cuentas, la mayor cantidad de source material es en inglés, y creo que muchos (si no todos) los que me leen, lo entienden. ¿Qué opinan?  (Por supuesto que se podría seguir comentando en español!)

I am seriously considering changing the language of the blog to English. After all, most of my "source material" is in English, and I believe most (if not all) of my readers, understand the language. What's your view? (Of course, Spanish comments would still be very much welcome!)

Opinen, che.
Give your opinion, plz.


José Luis said...

Lingua franca.

No problem by me.

Massa said...

Merci beaucoup, JL :-)

Anonymous said...

Why not?
This is your place.
You can do whatever you want.
We are only witnesses of your awesomeness.
And, sometimes, we like to play at being the judge... Hehe ;)


One more thing... (Columbo dixit)
I see only one 'counter-effect' in your approach: Maybe you could be leaving out some great people who don't speak English, or don't like it. Oh, wait...
That's THE idea! :P

Anonymous said...

No problemo, but which variety? You guys take American and British. I call lousy pidgin for myself. :)

Sebs said...

No hay problema...8-)

Anonymous said...

Go for it mate!

Massa said...

Thanks to all for your kind feedback - it looks like we have a winner. I still have some posts in the queue which are in Spanish, but my new posts will be in English. I will also change the name of the blog accordingly (to note, sapiosexuales.com will still direct here). :)