Tuver que cortar & pegar este comentario acerca de la UE...

...porque me parece que captura nuestro pensamiento en pocas líneas. Viene de este artículo del Telegraph intentando explicar la crisis y las "opciones" que hay.

No tiene nada que ver, pero me pareció buenísimo...
"They just don't get it. Recessions can't be defeated or prevented. They serve a useful function in that they weed out bad investments and bleed excess capital out of the economy. When government tries to prevent recessions by dumping money into the market, they just distort the economy. The recession risk doesn't go away, it only gets pushed into the future and it the conditions get worse. That means when it finally comes, it will hit harder and be more damaging than it would have had the government stayed out of the way. 

What's happening now is that the government has kicked recessions into the future since the late 1990's. Government has tried every Keynesian trick in the books and, surprise, surprise, they have failed. Now instead of a short and sharp recession around 2001, there is a very real chance of a severe and damaging depression. 

Capital and credit are not the problem. There is plenty of both. The problem is lack of production in terms of goods and services. Government CAN NOT create these things no matter how much it spends and spending (paid for with taxes and inflation) actually kills jobs. Until production in terms of good and services generated in the private sector by the legitimate private sector picks up, then the economy will continue to collapse. It will continue to collapse the more government tinkers with taxes, regulations and plays favorites with taxpayer money (think GM, Solyndra, public unions, etc.)".

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