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Estoy laburando en Europa (después de haber estado en San Francisco, Buenos Aires, y en ruta a Asia a partir de mañana) con lo que no tuve mucho tiempo para postear, pero I came across este video y no pude dejar de ponerlo. El transcript después del video:

El nombre es Pat Condell. El tipo es libertario 100%, vean sus videos en YouTube, no tienen desperdicio.

Acá abajo el texto completo:

An Illiberal Consensus
The Islamic fanatics who are such a nuisance in the West wouldn’t be half the problem they are without the help and complicity of the multi-culty, metropolitan, middle-class, left who are all too eager to curtail free speech and to suppress inconvenient ideas by misrepresenting them as bigotry and racism.

Here, in Britain, we’ve known for some time that the BBC’s reputation for impartial news reporting has been pretty much destroyed by this type of political correctness. The truth is no longer sacred to the BBC. It’s now seen as a problem to be navigated around with euphemism, as in the case of Islamic terrorism or simply dismissed with crude slanders, like “far right”, when it comes to political views the BBC disapproves of.

Recently, for example, Geert Wilders was acquitted by a court in Amsterdam but not, it seems, by the BBC who I notice still insist on referring to him as a far right politician; which is such an outrageous slur it ought to be actionable.

Nazis and racists are far right. Anyone would think they were talking about Hitler. You really have to wonder how some of these people have the nerve to call themselves journalists. Millions of people trust the BBC as a source of impartiality and truth, yet according to the BBC website, the Dutch people have elected somebody on a par with a Nazi to help govern them. The words “far right” appear in the very first sentence of the report: telling the reader, straight away, this is somebody we disapprove of and we suggest that you disapprove of him as well. And you know you can trust us, we’re the BBC.

Except that we can’t trust the BBC. Those days have gone. We can’t trust the BBC to simply look at a thing impartially and tell the simple truth. Because the truth is, the BBC is no longer an impartial organization. It now has a cultural and political agenda because it’s full to the rafters with multi-culty, metropolitan, middle-class, left-wing, pricks – or what we in Britain call “Guardianistas” – people who see their mirror image in the Guardian newspaper which lives and breathes multiculturalism, diversity and all things middle-class, left-wing, prick and where the BBC advertises for its multi-culty, middle-class, left-wing, staff.

The Guardian is such a biased multi-culty, middle-class, left-wing, rag it could be Swedish . . . and in newspaper terms, it doesn’t get more damning than that. As well as being an open platform for Hamas propaganda, the Guardian is the natural home of the terminally tolerant. It’s characterized by a smug and patronizing political correctness that, by default, blames Western society and especially America for everything that’s wrong with this world. It’s the paper of choice for relativist whackos like feminists who defend female genital mutilation on cultural grounds or who endorse the Islamic veil as the symbol of female empowerment. It’s for people who know some perfectly normal, decent, Muslims and, therefore, Islam can’t possibly be a threat to anybody. And anyone who says it is is being unhelpful and should be silenced. It’s for people who are passionate about diversity, even though they all went to the same universities, read the same books and have the same dopey opinions about everything. And it’s for people who just love the Palestinians because it gives them a chance to be anti-Semitic at dinner parties without offending left-wing Jews.

The Guardian and the BBC are both pillars of a kind of British metropolitan, multi-culty, middle-class, left-wing, prickocracy whose days are numbered. People are getting tired of being made to feel like criminals for holding the wrong opinion and there’s a massive backlash coming against political correctness. Especially when all those young people who are having it rammed down their throats by middle-class, left-wing pricks in universities all over the Western world finally grow up and start thinking for themselves. It will be like getting rid of lead poisoning.

Meanwhile, the Guardian’s politics are it’s own business: it’s a private company and nobody is forced to buy the wretched thing. But the BBC is a publicly funded national broadcaster funded, moreover, by an indiscriminate poll tax that hits the poorest hardest. It has a duty to reflect the views and the values of everyone it purports to serve and not just the views and the values of the multi-culty, middle-class, left-wing, pricks who happen to work there. It also has a duty to the public to tell the simple truth unvarnished with bias and spin: we can get that anywhere else, thank you very much. We pay for the BBC and we deserve better.

We also deserve a better democracy, as it happens and, on a lighter note I might as well tell you about another example we had here recently of the patronizing and condescending nature of the whole middle-class, left-wing, prick mentality. A couple of months ago, we had a referendum, here in Britain, to decide whether we should change the voting system. The proposed new system, although by no means perfect, would have been more proportional. It drew support from a fairly wide political spectrum and some very effective speakers from all shades of opinion could have been used to front the campaign and help connect with people. Unfortunately, the campaign was organized by a bunch of middle-class, left-wing, pricks who arrogantly declined to draw on that support because they disapproved of some of the viewpoints and, as a result, they blew the whole gig for everyone. The people they did choose to front the campaign were all middle-class, left-wing pricks like themselves: actors and other personalities in the media and the arts – people who inhabit a self-regarding bubble of advanced middle-class, left-wing, prickery and have no idea how despised their opinions really are. Well, they found out. We all found out. A few places known for their heavy concentration of middle-class, left-wing, pricks voted for the change and everybody else outside the bubble voted against. So now we’re stuck with the old system permanently because the chance of getting another referendum are about as likely as finding fur on a fish or getting unbiased news from the middle-class, left-wing, pricks at the Guardian or the BBC.

Peace. And all that middle-class jazz.

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