Se imaginan a un político argentino diciendo esto?

Miren este artículo del Telegraph, con un inside scoop acerca de un discurso que va a dar Cameron en los próximos días...

Olé olé olá, cada día te quiero más...
Un extracto:

“The trouble is that for years we’ve been bogged down in a great debate about how we get there. Standards or structures? Learning by rote or by play? Elitism or all winning prizes?”
Mr Cameron makes it clear that he is in favour of elitism and not prizes for all.
He will add: “These debates are over – because it’s clear what works. Discipline works. Rigour works. Freedom for schools works. Having high expectations works.
“Now we’ve got to get on with it – and we don’t have any time to lose.”

Midió, que envidia...

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