Para sacar a patadas a Chávez

... parece que hay que imitar las barrabasadas que hace.

El próximo presidente de Venezuela?

"Henrique Capriles Radonski, whose family members own Venezuela’s biggest movie theater chain, is emerging as President Hugo Chavez’s strongest rival in 2012 elections by copying his favorite ploy of lavishing public money on the poor.

Since defeating a Chavez ally to become governor of Miranda state in 2008, Capriles has set up more than 70 free health clinics in poor neighborhoods and provides subsidized food to poverty-stricken families. His government also offers slum dwellers micro credits to improve their homes.

These programs have helped the 38-year-old become the most popular of potential candidates in next year’s presidential race, according to a poll by Caracas-based Consultores 21. His actions exemplify a new generation of politicians seeking to defeat Chavez by emulating policies that have kept the self- proclaimed socialist in power since 1999, said Michael Shifter, president of the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue".

Qué quieren que les diga... me da pena por el pueblo venezolano, que haya que engañarlo cual proverbial mucama paraguaya; pero pragmáticamente, ¿qué mejor que alguien que les prometa chucherías y una vez electo, encauce al país?

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