Keynes vs Hayek - round quichicientos

Lo decimos nosotros, y escuchamos The Sounds of Silence.

Lo dice Charles Moore en The Telegraph y tiran papelitos glacé picados:

The Hayekians, led by Professor George Selgin, argued that Keynes failed to see the way busts are the natural result of booms – the "malinvestment hangover" from the party that went on too late the night before. In the rap, by the way, Keynes is depicted as the life and soul of the party, getting all the girls (not quite what happened in his real private life), but then throwing up after too much whisky. Prof Selgin pointed out that, since the current crisis began in 2007/8, absolutely tons of public money has been poured into all the banks that went wrong, and they have only gone wronger.

Pareciera que el debate terminó, y ganó Hayek. Enhorabuena.

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