El Hitch otra vez clarísimo, esta vez con 9/11

Si hay algo que no se le puede negar a Christopher Hitchens (aka The Hitch) es su coherencia intelectual. Este artículo, especialmente proveniente de un ex-comunista, es muy placentero de leer.

Y pensar que existen los Truthers...
En el mismo, demuele a los idiotas que acusan al "imperio" (americano) como el culpable moral del 9/11:

Underlying these and other attempts to change the subject there was, and still is, a perverse desire to say that the 9/11 atrocities were in some way deserved, or made historically more explicable, by the many crimes of past American foreign policy. Either that, or—to recall the contemporary comments of the "Reverends" Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson—a punishment from heaven for American sinfulness. (The two ways of thinking, one of them ostensibly "left" and the other "right," are in fact more or less identical.) That this was an assault upon our society, whatever its ostensible capitalist and militarist "targets," was again thought too obvious a point for a clever person to make. It became increasingly obvious, though, with every successive nihilistic attack on London, Madrid, Istanbul, Baghdad, and Bali. There was always some "intellectual," however, to argue in each case that the policy of Tony Blair, or George Bush, or the Spanish government, was the "root cause" of the broad-daylight slaughter of civilians. Responsibility, somehow, never lay squarely with the perpetrators.

Id y leed.

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