Discriminación por religión en UK

Esto es para los que dicen "la religión no es más retrograda". Pongo un ejemplo real, lo escribió un amigo en su Facebook. A su hijo no lo dejan entrar en 4 colegios DEL ESTADO religiosos ingleses, porque sus padres se declaran ateos. La pareja es argentina pero el escribió el artículo en inglés (aclaro, CofE es Church of England: anglicanos):

"Discrimination has touched my family for the first time, in a place that hurts, and it is certainly not nice.
Here in the UK, unlike in the rest of the civilised world, there are religious state schools. All the schools near our house happen to be either CofE or Catholic. The only secular school we have is tiny and far away.
We wrote up Vicente in 4 of these schools and he got rejected in all 4.
My 4 year old son, who paradoxically is an angel, got discriminated due to the religion of his parents. We are so deeply dismayed about this nonsense.
My wife is Catholic, but I hate even bringing that up, it feels like if I was saying: look I'm not "as black" as you think, I'm not gay, I'm not 100% Jew either, and I even have a Catholic wife, I am a lot better than the guy next door, right?
What if the company you work for one day said: we'll take up to 10% Asians, 5% black and that's enough?
We live less than 300m away from the school and the catchment area was 800m.
The school system is corrupt and perverse.
I'm also quite sure that by EU laws rejecting children from state schools on religious grounds is illegal and discriminatory.
WTF!! I can't afford the ultra classist private education of the UK.
I pay my taxes and my son gets rejected from state school for religious affiliations and surname? Fuck that! A million times fuck that!"

Esto sería todo lindo, si los colegios fueran privados. PERO SON DEL ESTADO. Se dan cuenta lo retrógrados que son los religiosos?

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